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The Workout

Psycle bills itself as a full body workout on a bike and man, they are not kidding. We’ve never experienced so much upper body incorporated into a cycling class, and it really keeps your body guessing. If you find cardio to be boring and monotonous, this may be the workout for you. Beyond your typical leg workout, alternating between double-time sprints and tough climbs, you’ll also find a song with weights (choose from .5 kg, 1 kg or 2 kg), push ups, tap backs, “ballet on the bike” (a heavy resistance combined with graceful arm movements...hello core!) and arm lifts and rows. Plus, you’ll really utilize all four corners of the bike, riding with your body forward and back and to the right and left. Every song is different and your 45 minutes of cardio will be over before you know it. If you're visiting or relocating to London from across the pond, this is the closest thing you'll find to Soul Cycle.

The Studio

Not only does Psycle deliver an amazing world class workout, its facilities are just as great. They are spacious and clean, almost spa-like! The studio has a fun, upbeat and welcoming environment with colorful chairs and inspirational quotes on the walls. Downstairs are the two studios (a main room and smaller one), lockers and a bunch of yoga mats for post-class stretching.

The locker room is complete with lockers with built-in keypad locks, a few changing rooms, lots of private showers, beauty bars with blow dryers and flat irons, big towels for showering, plastic bags for your laundry and biodegradable towels for your hair. Product-wise, you’ll find shampoo, conditioner, bodywash and face wash in all the showers and moisturizer at the beauty bar, plus hair ties, feminine products and cotton balls. It’s very well-equipped.

locker-room sutdio

Good to Know

Towels are free - you'll find a sweat towel waiting for you on your bike and shower towels stocked in the locker room. The reception area is stocked with bottled water, juices, almond milks, lunch food from the Detox Kitchen and lots of healthy snacks. There's a water fountain to fill up your bottle downstairs and there's a boutique area with clothes from brands such as Lorna Jane and HPE. Oh, and did I mention renting shoes is free?! FREE!

downstairs showers

Location: 76 Mortimer St, Marylebone, London W1W 7SD

Price: £20/class

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