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Bootcamp Pilates

Bootcamp Pilates Studio

Bootcamp Pilates offers traditional Pilates reformer classes that will challenge your muscles and put your body to work. The reformers have all the traditional bells and whistles and you’ll plank, slide and pull yourself in all different directions. More...



Frame has a ridiculous amount of classes that range from yoga and Pilates to dance and HIIT sessions, which makes it a great place to mix it up and never be bored. They really believe fitness should be fun and have class offerings to fit everyone’s taste. More...


Heartcore Studio

Heartcore offers dynamic 55-minute workouts in Pilates, TRX and barre that really push the limits and focus on bumping your fitness up a notch, or twelve. More...


Vita Studio

Vita’s reformer classes are tough. Their motto is “make every second count” and they really do. They offer classes that revolve on and around a reformer, including ones that incorporate cardio and barre. More...