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Note: This post is based off of classes held at the Chelsea location, but Heartcore also has studios in Fulham, Kensington, Notting Hill and Hampstead.

The Workout

Heartcore offers dynamic 55-minute workouts that really push the limits and focus on bumping your fitness up a notch, or twelve. Fitness Savvy tested out the reformer Pilates and TRX workouts, but they also offer barre classes.


This is not Pilates for the faint of heart. Expect to work your muscles to the max and do a lot of big, strong movements. The reformers are sturdier than your typical machine, which makes you feel more stable while doing those one leg lunges and side planks. You’ll sweat and you’ll shake a bit, but you’ll feel accomplished when you make it to the end. Hesitant to jump into the reformer world? They offer beginner classes and are happy to give a quick tutorial at the beginning of any class. The instructors really know what they are doing and walk you through each exercise.


Like to sweat your butt off? This is the class for you. Of course you use the TRX a lot, including dynamic, full-body movements, more concentrated upper and lower body moves, ab and plank work (oh hey TRX crunches, everyone's favorite) and even cardio moves like jump squats holding the TRX. You’ll also let go of the handles a bit, splicing in squat holds, kettle bells and some mat work. It’s HIIT style and will more than get your heart rate up and make you sweat.

The Studio

The Chelsea studio is very modern and homey. There’s no reception desk or area, so you walk right into the Pilates studio, but don’t worry, there is a big cushioned bench with cubbies for you to wait, or you can go right into the changing area if need be. There is also an inner studio where all non-Pilates classes take place. There are no lockers, but you can keep your stuff in the room with you while you work or in cubbie holes and coat racks near the door.

locker-room sutdio

Good to Know

Towels are available and free—small sweat ones in the workout rooms and bigger shower towels outside the showers. Feel free to bring your own bottle and take advantage of the water coolers, or they have little plastic cups. Speaking of the changing room, it’s more of a restroom, changing area, shower combo situation, with a few private showers, private changing rooms and a couple of toilets. Note that there is no separate men’s room, but everything is single stall, so it doesn’t feel awkward. The showers have body soap, shampoo and conditioner. There’s also lotion, blow dryers, flat irons and hair ties in the changing area. Don’t expect to grab your post-workout juice here, they don’t sell anything, but remember, there are water coolers.

downstairs showers


Price: £27/class, first class free!

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