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Note: This post is based off of classes held at the Shoreditch location, but Frame also has a studio in Queens Park.

The Workout

Frame has a ridiculous amount of classes that range from yoga and Pilates to dance and HIIT sessions, which makes it a great place to mix it up and never be bored. They really believe fitness should be fun and have class offerings to fit everyone’s taste. A lot of the classes are unique to Frame, such as their signature Frame Method, Frame Camp and Frame Work. They also have classes of all lengths, including “quickies” so you can get a workout in even if you are short on time. Fitness Savvy tested out a couple of different classes (check out the descriptions below), but there are way more on offer, including barre, kettle bells, reformer Pilates and more.

Frame Camp

Frame Camp is the ultimate HIIT session. You’ll sweat it out doing sprints and intervals on the treadmill for half the class and then jump off and do strength movements for the other half using the Vibe, if you want (it’s a vibrating platform that makes your muscles work harder to maintain balance and stability). It’s tough, there’s no doubt about that, but at the end of the quick 30-minute class, you’ll feel like you just accomplished a 2-hour workout. It’s super efficient and intense. It is a good 12 or so minutes on the treadmill though, so if you are not a runner, be advised.

Frame Work

Frame Work is another signature class that combines all of Frame’s offerings into one session. You’ll incorporate Pilates, strength, cardio and yoga moves, which really keeps your body guessing and is really upbeat. The class moves quickly through jumps, planks, mat work and dumbbell moves, so it’s probably better for those with a fitness foundation.


Rebounding is a cardio workout done on mini trampolines. You’ll jump, sprint and kick your way into a total sweat. The class also has a quick ab section at the end using the trampolines. It may not seem like much, but by the end you are panting. Be careful if it’s your first time, the goal is not to jump high, but to push down on the trampoline for resistance. . It’s a really fun way to get your cardio in.


Box-fit is a fun, fast-moving, upbeat cardio option set to heart-pumping music. It’s a cross between kick-boxing and traditional boxing. You won’t use boxing gloves or a punching bag, in fact you use no equipment, but there isn’t a lot of choreography or routines to remember. Instead, you’ll punch, jab, hook and squat your way into a sweat. And finish the sweat-sesh off with some core work.

The Studio

The Shoreditch studio is located down an alley. It has a reception area with a boutique and snacks for sale, and a waiting area. There are four separate studios for all the different kinds of classes. The changing room has private showers and a changing area. There are no lockers, so most people put their stuff in cubbie holes in the studios.

Good to Know

Towels are £1 to rent. There’s no water fountain, but you can fill up at the taps in the bathroom or buy a bottle. You'll also find coconut water and snacks such as energy bars for sale. There's soap, shampoo and conditioner in the showers and hair dryers and straighteners in the changing room.


Price: prices vary depending on what class you take, but a typical 1 hour class is £12

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