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Edge Cycle

Edge Cycle

The Workout

Edge Cycle claims to have “reinvented” indoor cycling and they have actually managed to do that. They have a different format than all the other spin studios in the city. Yes, they have a traditional cycle class, but what sets them apart is their Edge Bootcamp – a class that exists half on the bike and half off the bike, doing bootcamp inspired floor exercises with dumbbells and some mat work. It’s like two workouts in one and is very high intensity, so you get your cardio and strength in just 45 minutes of work.

studio entrace hall

The Studio

The cycle studio is very spacious and there is more room between the bikes that your average studio to accommodate the mats for bootcamp. There’s a big reception area with lockers and some seating. The changing room has a couple stall toilets, communal showers with bodywash and a vanity area with blow dryers, but there aren’t a lot of products beyond that. Everything is very white, with accents of blue and red camo, to keep with the bootcamp theme.


Good to Know

First and foremost, spin shoes are FREE to rent! For bootcamp, since you are half on the bike and half off, you can choose to wear spin shoes or your own regular sneakers. It’s really just a personal preference, since you spend about the same amount of time both on and off the bike. Hand and shower towels are also free. Make sure to bring your own padlock for the lockers, but there are lockers in the studio too, if you find yourself without a lock and need to keep half an eye on your stuff. There’s a water cooler in the studio and bottles of water for sale at reception. You’ll also find some healthy snacks for sale, like Bounce protein balls.

Location: 2 Leather Lane, London, EC1N 7RA

Price: £15/class

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