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The Workout

Cyclebeat’s classes are tough, fun and great for the traditional cycler. You’ll feel like you’re out on the open road, doing a lot of hill climbs and sprints, while riding to the beat. There’s not a lot of extra fluff here. The bikes are different than at your typical spin studio. They look different (there’s only one wheel), but the biggest thing to know is there is no resistance knob. Instead, there is a red lever where you’d normally find a knob, which you push up to increase your resistance and down to decrease it. There is a small display screen on your handlebars that shows your RPM, time of ride, power output and gear. Instead of saying to turn your knob right or left, instructors will advise you what gear to be on, so your resistance is less of a guessing game. Also, there’s the “Beat Board”, a big computer monitor at the front of the room which displays your stats (identified by bike number) throughout class, ranked among the other riders based on that “power” number, which is described as “how hard you’re working.” If you’re an experienced cycler from the States, this and the display on your bike are a lot like FlyWheel’s in-class technology. And if you’re competitive? Well believe that Beat Board will push you to work harder, just to see yourself at the top of the list. It’s a great motivator.


The Studio

The Cyclebeat studio is a fun, uplifting atmosphere, decorated with a lot of lime green accents. They want cycling to be fun and it shows. You walk into the main level, where you’ll find a reception area and the studio itself. Downstairs are the lockers rooms. They are pretty spacious – with a lot of lockers, showers (a couple private stalls, some a bit more exposed), toilets and a beauty bar. Not a ton of products, but you’ll find body soap and a couple of hair dryers. A unique feature here is the stretch area downstairs, with mats and foam rollers for pre or post class, rolling, stretching and core work.

showers locker room

Good to Know

Spin shoes are £1 to rent (you can wear sneakers), as are shower towels. Sweat towels are free and waiting for you on your bike. For sale, they have water, sports drinks and some post-class healthy snacks. Bring a padlock for your locker (although some people leave things at the front of the studio while riding, so don’t panic if you don’t have one) and your own water bottle, which can be filled at an extra tall faucet on one of the sinks in the locker room.

Location: 8 Lombard Court, London EC3V 9BJ

Price: £15/class, intro offer of 14 days for £20

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