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Boom Cycle


Boom Cycle is awesome for those of us who just want to get a solid, no-nonsense, bike ride in and feel accomplished at the end of it. No push-ups or tap backs here, just tough climbs and sprints.More...



Cyclebeat’s classes are tough, fun and great for the traditional cycler. You’ll feel like you’re out on the open road, doing a lot of hill climbs and sprints, while riding to the beat. More...

Edge Cycle

Edge Cycle Studio

Edge Cycle claims to have “reinvented” indoor cycling and they have actually managed to do that. They have a different format than all the other spin studios in the city. Yes, they have a traditional cycle class, but what sets them apart is their Edge Bootcamp. More...



Frame has a ridiculous amount of classes that range from yoga and Pilates to dance and HIIT sessions, which makes it a great place to mix it up and never be bored. They really believe fitness should be fun and have class offerings to fit everyone’s taste. More...


Psycle Studio

Psycle bills itself as a full body workout on a bike and man, they are not kidding. I’ve never experienced so much upper body incorporated into a cycling class, and it really keeps your body guessing. If you find cardio to be boring and monotonous, this may be the workout for you. More...