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Boom Cycle


The Workout

Boom Cycle is awesome for those of us who just want to get a solid, no-nonsense, bike ride in and feel accomplished at the end of it. No push-ups or tap backs here, just tough climbs and sprints. It’s better for the more traditional cyclist, than those who prefer to mix it up, but the booming music and motivational instructors will certainly help us all reach the finish line. And you’ll definitely be working hard and sweating at the end of it.

The Studio

Boom has two locations – one in Shoreditch and another in Holborn. You walk downstairs to get to both and the studio and everything is all on the same level. They’ve both recently been redone a bit to have nicer changing facilities. We haven’t been to the Shoreditch studio since the revamp, but Holborn has a great, well-lit beauty bar with blow dryers and a bunch of private showers with room to get dressed too. There isn’t one big locker room, instead the private showers and toilets are down one long hallway and the lockers are by the reception desk. Showers are stocked with body soap and lotion. The lockers come with keys on elastic bracelets, which you can wear during class or put on your handlebars, so you don’t lose it.

Good to Know

Spin shoes are a £1 to rent, but the bikes have baskets if you just want to wear your sneakers. Hand towels are on the bikes and just ask at reception for a shower towel at no cost. They have bottled water for sale or suggest using the taps to fill up your own bottle. The reception area is very well stocked with food, snacks and smoothies. You can even order your smoothie before class starts and have it waiting for you when you’re done with your ride and in desperate need of some sustenance.


Price: £16/class, Intro offer 3 rides for £20

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