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Note: This post is based off of classes held at the Mayfair location, but Barrecore also has studios in Chelsea and Chiswick.

The Workout


Barrecore offers traditional barre classes taken up a couple of notches. You’ll pulse, quiver and hold your way through intense thigh, glute, core, upper body and plank sequences, with stretching incorporated throughout. It’s a great strength workout. You’ll sweat, but not a ton. And you will feel your muscles when it’s over. They also offer variations on traditional barre including cardio, dance and HIIT combo classes. There’s a foundations class for beginners, but if you’ve done a barre workout before, you’ll be ok in the mixed level.


Remember that relatively tame barre class where you didn’t sweat that much? Yeah, this is not that. You’ll sweat, a lot. Imagine a barre class, but after pulsing each body part ‘til you can’t pulse no more, you’ll alternate in HIIT combos such as jump squats, burpees, and even Tabata (20 seconds of work, 10 seconds recovery for 8 rounds). It’s a perfect marriage of muscle-quivering barre and heart-racing bootcamp and you’ll definitely feel the results; our legs were still shaking an hour later. Barrecore recommends taking about 5 mixed level classes before trying HIIT, but as long as you’re comfortable with barre moves and confident in your fitness level, you’ll be ok. No sneakers required, just grip socks.

studio Hallway at Barrecore

The Studio

Barrecore’s studio is clean, modern and bright. It feels like you’re working out in a spa (well, almost). There is a reception area stocked with bottled water, healthy snacks and some clothes for sale. There are two barre rooms, a personal training room, a shower room with private showers and a separate changing room. There are lockers in the changing room and hallway with keys (on an elastic band so you can keep track of it during class).

shower Hallway at Barrecore

Good to Know

Barrecore has really thought of everything. They have just about every product you could need post class including soap, shampoo, conditioner, razors, lotion, deodorant, Q-tips, feminine products, hairspray, hair dryers and straighteners. No time to shower? There’s dry shampoo and baby wipes stocked in the changing room. There are hand towels in the studio and shower towels in the shower room, all to use for free. There’s a water cooler to fill up your bottle. Barrecore has one of the best amenities list of any studio we’ve checked out.


Price: £28/class, first class £20

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