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Welcome to Fitness Savvy! We want you to find the workout that works best for you so you'll be excited to include fitness in your life. Plus with all our handy tips, you'll feel like a regular before even stepping foot inside the studio! Happy training!

Featured Studios


Psycle Studio

Psycle bills itself as a full body workout on a bike and man, they are not kidding. I’ve never experienced so much upper body incorporated into a cycling class, and it really keeps your body guessing. If you find cardio to be boring and monotonous, this may be the workout for you. More...


Heartcore Studio

Heartcore offers dynamic 55-minute workouts in Pilates, TRX and barre that really push the limits and focus on bumping your fitness up a notch, or twelve. More...


Barrecore Studio

Barrecore offers traditional barre classes taken up a couple of notches. You’ll pulse, quiver and hold your way through intense thigh, glute, core, upper body and plank sequences, with stretching incorporated throughout. It’s a great strength workout. More...



Frame has a ridiculous amount of classes that range from yoga and Pilates to dance and HIIT sessions, which makes it a great place to mix it up and never be bored. They really believe fitness should be fun and have class offerings to fit everyone’s taste. More...